New York Design week on Times Square

On Broadway between 44th and 45th street and from May 18-22 2017 Design Pavilion™ presented a five-day cultural event, with a curated set of interactive displays bringing design and innovation directly to Times Square's newly renovated plazas. ATTACHE-MOI was selected to participate to the Design Pavilion Market during NYCxDESIGN.

Photographies by Pascal Perich


May 25th, 2017

One week ago, Thursday May 18th, less than two hours after proudly opening an installation inside the Times Square Design Pavilion featuring my brand ATTACHE-MOI and four perfumes crafted together between artists and perfumers over the past years, I witnessed the tragedy that happened on the opposite sidewalk. The car speeding, the bodies laying on the ground. Right in front of my eyes.

The Times Square Design Pavilion and the surroundings were immediately closed. The night was tough. On the Friday morning, we received notification that the Pavilion was reopening and were asked to come back. I realized I was not able to do it, talk about perfume, art, beauty and sell my perfumes. It felt inappropriate.

How about doing something that would act as a catharsis, for the New Yorkers working in the area, for the visitors and for myself? I decided then to transform the initially planned Time Capsule booth in a way to engage with the public, no longer showcasing ‘products’ to sell. It was in a way reminiscent of the works in public space initiated by the artist Jochen Gerz with whom I worked in the early 2000 between France, Germany and England. To each person stepping under the dome, I asked them to close their eyes and smell our four different scent diffusers. If they preferred one, which memories did come to their minds? where did they escape?  

Each answer was individually written on a small piece of paper, attached to the structure and, with the matching ribbon, I would tie one on their wrist with a spray of the scent that brought them far away from Times Square. I started an instagram log on @attachemoiparfums documenting the process. There are still dozens of pictures I haven’t posted.

Over 300 people came in within the course of the four days, each spending between 5 and 30 minutes. Some cried, some asked if I would take them into my arms, many smiled and told me I had made their day. It was actually quite the contrary. They were making mine.

The last day of the event, my friend and photographer Pascal Perich happened to stop by and ended up staying four hours. You will find soon here a short selection of the pictures taken. There is something about the rain …

I wish to thank tremendously the Design Pavilion team and Times Square Alliance for their incredible support, Scentys for designing diffusion machines that use a recent and unique technology to transport elsewhere, my perfumers and their respective laboratories Givaudan, IFF and Takasago for creating sublime perfumes which, like true works of art, have this capacity to elevate.
And to you for taking the time to look at these stolen moments of life and serenity.





SCENTYS is a recognized expert in perfume diffusion. They have invented a unique patented dry diffusion system of perfume in capsules, enabling a perfect diffusion, in a safe and innocuous way. Based in Paris, they are a vector of diffusion at the service of their partners, the world renowned « maisons de parfums ». With the precious help of Fragrance Resources (IFF), Givaudan and Takasago

Scenography by