ATTACHE-MOI is an evocative unisex scent of amber, musk, and lush wood notes.


Commissioned in 2009, as part of ICONOfly #5 magazine's exploration of the history of the bracelet, ATTACHE-MOI (in english TIE ME UP) quickly became an overnight, word-of-mouth sensation. And rapidly sold out its limited edition at the Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Since its 2010 debut at Barneys New York in the United States ATTACHE-MOI's worldwide reputation as a heady modern fragrance, at once mysterious, original and delightfully addictive continues to gain momentum. ATTACHE-MOI was the result of  perfumers Christine Nagel's and Benoist Lapouza's very first creative collaboration.


Written by Guy Lesser -  Directed by Christina Kruse - Centre Pompidou, Paris, October 2011 - Official selection 'A Shaded View on Fashion' Film Festival

A man and a woman in evening dress lie in bed talking in the sort of intimate, vaguely adversarial way. Their subject is a foreign name, "ATTACHE-MOI," evidently a perfume. He contends the name makes little sense. And then, just to be really irritating, that he also hates perfume. She, of course, knows better.