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Here and there, the beauty of wanderings.
A perfume on the fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings. Crafted by Perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu.



“An explosion of spices hot and cold. Dry terracotta walls shattered to dust. The image of Pompei ere the awakening of the furnace. The ashen embrace of the two lovers as fire and fury roar above. It is a burst, a bite and a roar. Pimento and nutmeg tickle the nose, sour hues of lemony frankincense strike like thunder amidst plush clouds of narcotic flowers. Plumes of white hypnotising vapour smother men and women alike - an intoxicating, invigorating scent. One rarely seen nowadays. The still image of forsaken might, Ici & Là is yet another trip through time and space. Like all memories lost and found, its rendition is even more vivid, the feelings more intense…”

Alexandre Helwani in The Perfume Chronicles, II 2019