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A unique smoky ambergris fragrance created between British artist Shezad Dawood & French perfumer Nicolas Bonneville. Sublime destruction and fleeting utopia



“A blue perfume. A blue in which one’s lost, a blue of Baikalean winters ; the turquoise blue of Marmara, of infinite skies and horizons lost ; the blue of Afghani women and their Aryan eyes ; the peaceful blue of scapulars, the icy blue of seas, polar ; the blue of linen and crocus fields and the blue of poppyseeds ; a Klein blue, an unspeakable blue ; the purple blue of Aegean summers ; the golden blue of lapis-lazuli ; a cobalt blue ; the stained blue of church windows ; the blue of Chartres and Giotto ; of Siena, of china ; the blue of southern jacks ; a blue of emerald ; a crystalline, cerulean blue.  (…)

It Was A Time that was a time is a sphere of golden ambergris. It shines, it illuminates, it burns the retinas like a sunrise seen from o’er the Earth. Amidst the crystalline darkness of the interstellar silence, amidst such icy void lurking in all the nooks of our souls, this perfume arises and reaches through all – it is a burning star, terrifying, warming everything around with its fiery waves.”

Alexandre Helwani in The Perfume Chronicles, I 2019