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Bright sensuous flowers & dark notes by Perfumer Patricia Choux.



“There is a place in the city, my love, where green trees and red bricks meet. There is a street in Manhattan, my dear, where grand churches and hotels fight. There is a lane downtown, my love, of concrete paved till Hudson, blue. The street 55, carrying over its lobbies and jewelleries the sheer luxury of your scented trail. I can still hear your high heels on the pavement and picture the diamonds 'round your neck and 'twixt your fingers one of your thin cigarettes. I can still follow you through crowds and silence, through East and West, through up and downtown and catch a glimpse of your scent in the linen of my sheets. For there is a street in Manhattan which I know and which you knew and where we knew each other, You and I.

Clouds dance and pile up : a silky ballet of sultry-white flowers whence jasmine accents spring like rays of golden light. A choreography drawn on silver dust, 55 is the metaphor of a love quest; the sheer expression of a spiral, inspired, vertical tension.”

Alexandre Helwani, The Perfume Chronicles, III 2019