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“Tie me up, do not let me go.


Tie me up on your skin.

Tie me up in thoughts.

Tie the memories that I cannot afford to call.


Tie me up and never let go.


Tie me up with your scent, let me forsake you not.


Like the perfume of a mother, engraven; like a childhood memory, like the sweet sugar lip of an innocent kiss.


Olfactory liqueur invoking the souvenirs of glories undimmed, a sillage of chypres meets the golden might of amber and musks.


Velvet gloves and silken ties, it is love pouring out - tied onto me.”


Alexandre Helwani, The Perfume Chronicles, III 2019


An olfactive trap. An evocative blend of amber, musk and lush wood tones. Conceived by Perfumers Christine Nagel and Benoist Lapouza.