Elements & Sentiments.

Envisioning perfume as a point of departure to a longer artistic journey, ATTACHE MOI creates encounters, generates collaborations, and ties senses together to evoke scent through sound, sight, and touch.

In this unique collection I invited celebrated perfumers Christine Nagel & Benoist Lapouza, Patricia Choux, Nicolas Bonneville and Shyamala Maisondieu to express a sensual and contemporary interpretation of the French perfumery through four luxurious fragrances, each one embodying a different force of nature: ATTACHE MOI to wood, 55 to air, IT WAS A TIME THAT WAS A TIME to water, and ICI & LA to fire. Each perfume is crafted in France and serves as canvases for all artists, such as photographers, writers, filmmakers, sculptors, and composers to express their emotions born from these fragrances.

Building bridges towards the unexplored, a link between the tangible and the intangible, these four fragrances represent a rich collection of emotions. In our Journal, you will find testimonies of previous collaborations.

In February 2019, I commissioned Runze Yu, a talented NY based photographer to capture these moments. See her inspiration manifested as we proudly feature her sensual photographs within these pages. With love,

Olivia Bransbourg

Founder of ATTACHE MOI