A formula lost and reinvented. An incentive for metamorphosis.

Since 2017.

Marie-Luce Nadal, Solid Precipitations.


A formula initiated in 2006 between Olivia Bransbourg (Founder of Attache-moi) and Perfumer Christine Nagel around an editorial project, and then unfortunately lost. A remainder of a bottle helped Shyamala Maisondieu to reinvent it for the 4th opus of the brand. A perfume on the fluidity of time, personal and geographical wanderings, between Paris and New York. 10 years later. Here and there. A series of 'clouds in flasks' in a limited edition by the Artist Marie-Luce Nadal accompanies this journey. 10 cumulus captured and listed by this researcher for whom the dynamics, flows and interactions in the universe are at the heart of her investigation.


Top: bergamot ess. from Italy, black pepper ess. from  Madagascar, pink peppercorn

Heart: nutmeg from Indonesia, pepper ess., angeliqueroots ess., ylang ylang ess., jasmine abs. from Egypt ess., bigaradier leaves abs. 

Base:  beeswax abs., iris abs., atlas cedar, oak moss,      incense of Somalia, vanilla of Madagascar, ambrette and musks

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Perfumer: Shyamala Maisondieu

What do astronomy and perfumery have in common? Plenty, if you ask Shyamala Maisondieu, an aspiring astronomer-turned-perfumer. Like astronomy, perfumery blends creativity with scientific logic. Both require rigorous training and experience. “But there are still fewer perfumers in the world than astronomers!” she adds. Shyamala earned a degree in the field of engineering, but in the end, it was the artistic aspect of fragrance that captured her heart and led her to the laboratory Givaudan. Her approach is poetic and inventive, dramatic and romantic. Her compositions blend comfort with the exotic sensuality of notes like frangipani and jasmine, flowers from her Malaysian childhood. “I like the unexpected combination of polar opposite things.”

Artist: Marie-Luce Nadal

Marie-Luce Nadal is an architect and visual artist, who interprets and builds artificial landscapes. Based on observations of environments and natural phenomena her installations, sculptures, and performances aim to create new relationships with our environment and realize the existence of the invisible. Since 2012, Marie-Luce Nadal has been a PhD Candidate and Associate Researcher SACRe (Science, Arts, Creation, Research) at PSL Research University, at the PAMMH Laboratory and at EnsADLaB (Ecole des Arts Decoratifs de Paris). Her work has been shown in several institutions worldwide: Gaité Lyrique and Palais de Tokyo, both in Paris and the Institute of Contemporary Art Singapore - Lasalle. Most recently she was included in the 7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, which is on view until January 18, 2018.

Solid Precipitations.jpg
Solid Precipitations.jpg
Solid Precipitations.jpg
Photos above:  Marie-Luce Nadal, Solid Precipitations, 2017 C-print 18 x 31 inches, edition of 5 + 2 AP

Photos above:

Marie-Luce Nadal, Solid Precipitations, 2017 C-print 18 x 31 inches, edition of 5 + 2 AP